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Marilyn K. Dorlac's, many Accomplishments:

New 2011 Member of the Prestigious National Honor Society
Member since 2010 Cambridge Who's Who
Honored member of The Remington Registry, a 10 year member of the NAACP

Marilyn K. Dorlac is a valued Member of the Better Business Bureau since 2009.

(My thoughts as an American!)

A new Member of the Southern Poverty Law Firm since 2009, in Montgomery AL. where my name is on the Wall of Tolerance since 2009. I also received a letter from Mr. Morris Dee's the President, honoring me for all of my great work to stand up against injustice in America!

As an American living in this great Country called the USA, I still do believe a little in that American Dream of: President, apple pie and Ice cream, base ball and hot dog's, home ownership for every American, the dream of Business Ownership, the reality of earning a diploma after you graduate and going out landing that j.o.b., and oh yes, the promise that economy WILL GET BETTER! You know what I really don't like negativity so, I am going to stop right here, and tell you a little bit about why I feel this way.

Let me start with The President. Yes... President Obama is our President..Reflecting back... I think all of our Presidents have been white... Were all suppose to be color blind?...Personally I really do not see any President as black or white, what I really see is a powerful man who can and will lead the country. I reflect back and remember JFK and when the President spoke the world stood still, and that to me was amazing everyone with a T.V. or a radio was glued to their seats and did not move until he was off the air. Now as a grown up woman, I say to myself, why should it be any different now, he is the President? I often think to myself what do the children in our country think with all of this going on? "Will there be a exuberant leader when they grow up to look up to? Or are we headed for the end now?" "My true and final words today is I don't feel that this country can be lead solely by one Democratic Party, or One Republican Party, we all must come together as one and remain united in order to turn this country around!" "We must join hands first in this great strong USA, and then all over the world to form a rainbow of friendships just like the late Dr. Martin Luther king Jr. said; and Whites, Blacks, Jews, Indian, Hispanics, all races can walk hand in hand and laugh and play being color blind to each other! Written by, Marilyn K. Dorlac, American Citizen.

You know it used to be that a person could eat a slice of apple pie and a few spoonfuls of ice cream and not have to worry about putting on too much weight. I read the other day that their is stuff in the food that is making us fatter and causing a mushroom effect of obesity in our country which will effect every man, woman, and child. I really think that we need to go back to a simpler way of life. Everything is manufactured and prepackaged we don't even know what were eating anymore. What has happened to boiling a pot of potatoes, preparing a fresh garden salad, going out to a lake and catching a fresh salmon and cooking it over a outside pit. Our taste buds have become so programmed to crave sugar, we eat it then we develop diabetes and then we slowly die... That's why there's fresh apples, melons, berries, kiwis, and so many fruits to name that will surely cure your sugar blues away!

Base ball and hot dogs, I think of when it was fun to go to the ball game and see your team win. Now there is too much infuses placed on the team to win and way too much money til the team can't even make a basket anymore. Who's really enjoying the game anyway? Coaches cursing, team members dropping dead from stress, fans threatening and saying, "yawl better win tonight or I ain't gonna wear your jersey no mo!" "Who gives a darn about the hot dogs anymore?

A place to call home...The all American Dream... Home Ownership...That's until predatory lending came into town. Theirs guns drawn...Holding every homeowner hostage, until they peacefully and passively handed over the keys. But who owns the note anyway? But their is still hope, I do believe hold onto your doc's and prey like hell.

NO, No, No the banks don't have enough capitol in your small business were sorry Mr. Smith we can't give you no money. Make a million then we'll talk to you...But have faith in yourself and don't give up, nothing ever defeated a doer, by giving up to soon! The sky is the limit so go for it.

My Teacher said, Boys and girls go to college and get an education and you'll land that big job. How can we focus on our work when bombs are being exploding on college campuses? I guess my teacher didn't know about extremist? But I still have hope in college, I am still going to go because I want to be somebody one day! A Dr., An Attorney, or preferably a Business Owner.

And lastly, the economy who is going to fix it. We need money to feed our families, clothe ourselves, we have to have an automobile to drive ourselves to work and back to our homes, but mostly we need our dignity and pride back in the American Dream again. One thing for sure is that only God knows for sure... The President promises it will get better...So lets see...I do want to believe that it will get better God, will you please help us? Amen! God Bless America!

This writing is from my own personal true will, and serves no purpose to slander anyone. My intent is to motivate and share a bit of my freedom with the world.

X Marilyn K. Dorlac

"Native Amazon, Newly Trade Marked, with the United Patent and Trade Mark Office"
Commission for Trade Marks...

Marilyn K. Dorlac, Owner

Marilyn K. Dorlac, Owner of Native Amazon, which is Trade Marked in Washington D.C. Dorlac says, "Oh my god, this is a dream come true for me, and to see my Company finally get the name Trade Marked is worth all of the blood, sweat, and tears which I promised my mom "Elizabeth". I went to the bank to try and get a small business loan and twould do some day when the banks said no since she didn't have any collateral. is world renowned and recognized as one of the worlds greatest Motivational Fitness Speakers, as seen on myspace, goggle, Blockbuster Video, and other select video magazines along with Jack La Lane. Marilyn K. Dorlac's, Motivational phenomenon has been demonstrated on Myspace, Goggle, and other Internet channels for the world to view for their own personal use and self help. Marilyn K. Dorlac, is a living testimony, a brilliant human being, as well as an extraordinary motivational speaker to help motivate you back to slimness! Dorlac say's one of her goal's are to, continue to motivate people all over the world to a healthier, happier, energetic and fun life! Dorlac says, " One of the most important things in life, is to remember to take care of self, and to give of ones self when you have the opportunity"...

When asked the question, what inspired Dorlac to get her Company, Native Amazon Trade Marked? She responds, " I always wanted to immolate my successors like the great and the Jack La Lane, Richard Simmons, Jane Fonda, and other great Fitness Guru's, and to be recognized around the world as a great motivator in health, fitness, news, community and my cooking new and exciting show, "Cooking With Marilyn K. Dorlac", as seen on myspace. Dorlac, says, "To be the first American to create such a video, which she says stirred up the whole 5 minute abs workout, 10 minute this and 5 min.that... she ads" "and I am here to finally say that I am proud of my millions of fans that have believed in me. I will continue to do other Motivational programming to help people to achieve other means to conquer the battle of the bulge, the fun, fast and easy way!". Reflecting back in 1996, Marilyn's 15 Minute Motivational Workout, has thrilled inspired hundreds of thousands even millions of viewers in Video Stores nationally. "I am honored to have created a video like it!" Dorlac continues, "I am very excited to say I have already created my first series of State of the Art Motivational workout programs, which will be released soon this year from my T.V. show, titled, "Work Out with Marilyn ".

Native Amazon is all about is you, the consumer, and the world in mind! Native amazon is a Personal Care Company which provides just that. Personal care and "Motivation in all areas of your life!"

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